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About United States Politicians

The United States Politicians launched online in 2017, is published as a non-partisan public service to promote fully elected politicians by the American electorate. One of the pioneering political directory sites, United States Politicians has drawn a sizable and devoted audience of political professionals, journalists, educators, and activists.

– Our Mission –

The Michigan Constitution of 1963 begins with the following words: “All political power is inherent in the people.” Voters make politicians, politicians through the transference of powers to equitable represent the people. Political strategist Karl Rove once said, “when you draw the lines, you make the rules.”

From 1776 to right now in United States, politicians have been drawn the lines of power through legislation, and therefore they’re making the rules. Its your right and responsibility to understand whom they are….

– Our Plan –

Provide to the best of our ability to present you with the facts of every politician.