Legislative Update for Dec. 28

Dec 26, 2017 Introduced H.R. 4734: Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Act of 2017 Sponsor

Rep. Cheri Bustos [D-IL17] This bill was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary which will consider it before sending it to the House floor for consideration. 1 cosponsor is on that committee.

Dec 26, 2017 Bill Summary H.R. 3057: Fair Representation Act Political polarization last year reached its highest level since the Civil War

As a result of gerrymandered districts, even though more total House votes in 2012 went to Democrats nationwide, the majority of elected House seats went to Republicans. In fact, Alabama is so gerrymandered that in the December 2017 special Senate election, even though Democrat Doug Jones won the state, Republican Roy Moore would have won six of the seven districts.